Local Design Code

Your local Parish Council is in the process of creating our own Local Design Code (previously named the Village Development Code) which will describe the distinctive character of our villages, including the architectural styles, landscape, and any special features. This will become an advisory document for residents, local planners, designers, and developers when considering changes to our local environment.

Please see this page for more information and continued updates about our progress.

The PC have set up a Working Group to take the project forward. Help is required to cover many aspects of the project, from becoming a member of the Working Group, to taking photos of village views and features, drafting a Questionnaire, or delivering leaflets, the options are endless. If you are interested in getting involved with the project, in whatever capacity, please get in touch with the Clerk. 

Local Design Code Prize Draw

6 June 2024

Congratulations to Alice Middleditch and Patrick Bell who won the £40 and £20 vouchers respectively! Thank you and well done to everyone who entered. Both winners were chosen by a random generator on the 6 June 2024.

1 June 2024

A huge thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire and returned it to us. We have now stopped taking anymore returns so that we can input and analyse the data, as well as to declare a prize winner this month!

Local Design Code Questionnaire

23 April 2024

This week we will be distributing our Local Design Code questionnaire to all houses across the Parish.

We would greatly appreciate it if as many people as possible could complete and return the questionnaire. This will allow us to accurately and fully represent the voice of our entire Parish when creating the Local Design Code document.

Extra copies are available to download here:

Adults Questionnaire

Young Person's Questionnaire

Or, to complete the survey online please use the following links:

Young Person's Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/m9zqvMnvfKsbCVKk7

Each questionnaire (18+) will have an entry form to enter into a prize draw to win either a £40 or £20 voucher to spend at the Red Lion or the Half Moon. Winners of the prize draw will be announced during the first week of June and will be published in the Parish News and on the Parish Council Website.

Please complete and/or return all questionnaires by 31 May 2024

Collection dates for your area will be available on the copy delivered to your residence. Otherwise, there will be collection boxes located at both the Red Lion and the Half Moon. If either of these options are unsuitable for you, then please call one of the numbers provided to arrange collection.

Thank you for completing! 


Exhibition Information

4 November 2023

For anyone wishing to see the information that was on show during the two Local Development Code meetings this Autumn, please scroll through the images below. If you would like copies of any of the documents, then please contact the Clerk.

During the exhibitions, we asked for your opinion regarding which planning policies we should focus on for the final Village Development Code document. There was a selection of 10 policies available to choose from and each person was given 5 tokens to vote for the 5 policies that were the most important to them and their life within the village.

The top 5 policies voted for during each exhibition, in order of the most votes, were as follows: 

Belchamp St Paul

1. Retain and Improve Public Footpaths and Bridleways / Protect Village Greens and Open Spaces

3. Safeguard Community Facilities

4. Protect Village Centres and Hamlets from Merging

5. Maintain the Open Natural Character of the Villages / New Dwellings Must be Sympathetic

Belchamp Otten

1. Retain and Improve Public Footpaths and Bridleways

2. Maintain the Open Natural Character of the Villages

3. New Dwellings Must be Sympathetic

4. Safeguard Community FacilitiesProtect Village Greens and Open Spaces / Adequate Private Parking Must Be Provided


Belchamp Otten Exhibition

Belchamp Otten Exhibition
6 October 2023

Many thanks to all of the villagers that came out to the Belchamp Otten exhibition on the 4th of October. We had an excellent attendance and greatly appreciated all of your input. If you were unable to attend the events, or would like to look at the information further, then we will be uploading images of the documents on show.

29 September 2023

The VDC exhibition at The Community House, BSP on 28 September was very well attended but if you missed it, you can still see the exhibition at The Red Lion at Belchamp Otten on Wednesday 4 October.

No matter which village you live in you will be very welcome, just drop in any time between 7.30 - 9pm.

Village Development Code Exhibitions

20 September 2023

In April 2022 the PC held a Public Meeting to discuss the production of a Village Design Code. A Working Group was set up to progress the project but in the meantime the National Planning Policy Framework has been amended so what was the Village Design Code is now to be known as the Village Development Code, to mirror the terminology used in the revised NPPF.

The PC would like to invite you to either one of the Local Development Code meetings being held over the next couple of weeks. These will be interactive exhibitions where we will be sharing the information gathered so far by the Working Group, with the intention of receiving village participation and feedback. The information we hope to receive will be valuable in directing the focus of our final Belchamp St Paul and Belchamp Otten Local Development Code document, making sure that we are actively voicing the views and opinions of the entire community.

You may have seen the roadside signs that have been put out on Cole Green, BSP and at The Street, Belchamp Otten but if you haven't then please note the following dates:

Belchamp St Paul Exhibition:

28 September 2023 from 7:30pm, at The Community House

Belchamp Otten Exhibition:

4 October 2023 from 7:30pm, at The Red Lion

The Exhibition events will follow a 'Drop In' format so please just pop along at a time to suit you. 

If you could spread the word then that would be great. We hope to see you all there!!

Village Design Code Working Group

4 June 2023

The PC are producing a Village Design Code and have set up a Working Group to take the project forward. Help is required to cover many aspects of the project, from becoming a member of the Working Group, to taking photos of village views and features, to drafting a Questionnaire, to delivering leaflets, the options are endless. If you are interested in getting involved with the project, in whatever capacity, please get in touch with the Clerk.